Parts in Europe

Dragomir Matti in Romania has Minsk parts

Minsk Club Supporters

In the North

Cuong's Motorbike Adventure
Hanoi's Minsk Master Mechanic.
bikes for BUY-RENT-SELL
service and parts for Minsk

Cuong's Motorbike Adventure Cuong has a fleet of Minsks and is recomended in all the guide books. Pretty much all expats in Hanoi use him to buy, sell and repair. Minsks can be rented for US$6 a day. It is possible to rent a Minsk and drive it to Saigon where Cuong's brother will take care of it and send it back to Hanoi.

Anh Duy Tam: at the four-way intersection of the main road, the Sao Mai hotel road and the road which goes down to the main market.

Mai Chau
Anh Khoa: main road, 40m south of market, opposite football field

Anh Bac: at the intersection to Lai Chau, across from petrol station, 2km before Sapa, on road to Lao CaiCuo In the Centre
Anh Le Viet Hung is still the Minsk maestro in this area. A full-time Chemistry teacher, he can sort out Minsks and Jawas, introduce you to some great rice wine, tell you about traditional medicines or let you know how to have 4 daughters. You can find him at 6A Hung Vuong, suitably located behind a rice wine stall. If your bike breaks down in the vicinity of Hue give him a call and he'll cruise by and help you out. (054.845815, 054.845205). Hung has no bikes for rent. In

In the Centre

Hoi An Motorbike Adventure
54A Phan Chau Trinh st. Hoi An Town
They offer Minsk Rental and know of parts suppliers and mechanics
phone English speaking:
+84 (0) 918 230 653 (Mark) phone English & German speaking:
+84 (0) 916 340 664 (Simone)

Hoi An
Nguyen Tai Cuong (65\18Phan Dinh Phung, Tel: 0510 86 37 97) is recommended.

In the South

There are no specialised Minsk mechanics in Saigon. Both in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces you will find mechanics familiar with Minsks. In the northern part of Dong Nai province Minsks are common so finding a mechanic should be no problem. The closer to Saigon the rarer good mechanics are. Daklak province also has some Minsks. A mechanic can be found next to the central bus station north of Buon Me Thuot City

History Of the Club part two

History of the club part Two:
The maddness continues

Minsk Madness 4 Gatherning #028
25 May 2002

MInsk Parties

Minsk Madness 5 Wave Rave Gathering #031
17 May 2003

MInsk Madness 2

The party was a massive success. More than 700 people made it down to the Wave Club for the biggest Minsk Club party to date. Many thanks to the bands (Irriflexible, Halley, West Lake Boyz, Kaboos, Bu-Mu-Light, The Offensive). An excellent live set was followed up by sound tunes from DJ Kong Anh and DJK.

Minsk Madness

minsk Madness

minsk Madness

MInsk Madness 2

MInsk Madness 2

The Offensive

A little punk rock anyone?

Thac Da Rally Minsk Olympics#1 gathering #032
14/15 June 2003

Rally Monkeys

This summer's ultimate back-to-nature cruise brought to you by the Minsk Club Vietnam.


The weekend was great fun and all who compeated in the Oylmpics were rewarded with lots of cold beer. The first Prizewent to Mr VTV Vinh who completed the course in the slowest time.

MInsk Rally

Minsk Party

MInsk Party

Khau Vai H'mong Love Market Gathering #033
17 May 2004

Ha Giang Rally

For those of you who missed it, Club Gathering #00033 was at the Khau Vai Love Market, near Meo Vac in Ha Giang District; an annual market which takes place on the 27th of the third lunar month. Some 25 riders made the long trek to Vietnam's northernmost province and drove down the skid-pan track to Khau Vai where we were greeted with flammable corn liquors. see below!!!!

Ha Giang Ruou

Thac Da rally Minsk Olympics 2 Gathering #035
10/11 July 2004

MInsk Olympics #1

Minsk Olympics Piston Cup 2004
Produced by DigbyMinsk

Minsk Club Olympics Comrade Challenge 2004
Produced by DigbyMinsk

Minsk Rally 3

The winner Vinh

Part three

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